Tipperary students take part in fashion design workshop

Workshop facilitated by Limerick School of Art and Design and Limerick’s Hunt Museum.




Second level students from County Tipperary were among 32 students selected to take part in a unique fashion design workshop facilitated by Irish fashion designer and lecturer Ruth Duignan from Limerick School of Art and Design, LIT.

The work produced during the course of the workshop will go on display in Limerick’s Hunt Museum this May.

The ‘Past Projections: Future Fashions’ workshops took place over two days in both the design studios of one of Europe’s most acclaimed fashion design colleges and among the illustrious Sybil Connolly collection at the Hunt Museum.

The workshops allowed young budding designers from all over Ireland to discover more about the craft of fashion and how to be part of the fashion industry’s promising future.

Using Sybil Connolly’s collection as inspiration, the students produced their own original designs which were digitally captured, manipulated and projected onto white t-shirts.

In applying to take part in the workshop, students selected a Sybil Connolly design from the museum’s online archive and submitted a brief proposal outlining how they would redesign it.

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