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TipperaryLive.ie is produced by highly experienced journalists from two of the finest regional newspapers in the country - The Tipperary Star and The Nationalist.   We know our communities and we bring you the news that people want to read about.

We also know our businesses - our advertising teams are on hand to give you the best deals  on TipperaryLive.ie so you can reach out to a brand new audience throughout the county.

Contact our teams to advertise or to share your stories and news.  This site is powered by Tipperary people for Tipperary people - so get in touch today!


How to find us:

The Nationalist

Queen Street


Co Tipperary


052 6172500


Advertising team

Email: ads@nationalist.ie

Celine Kennedy

Email: celine.kennedy@nationalist.ie

Phone: 052 6172500

Gemma Foran

Email: gemma.foran@nationalist.ie

Phone: 052 6172500

Anne Phelan

Email: anne.phelan@iconicnews.ie

Phone: 052 6172500

Grainne Ryan

Email: grainne.ryan@nationalist.ie

Phone: 052 6172500


Anna Fee

Email: anna.fee@iconicnews.ie

Phone: 052 6172500


Editorial Team



Michael Heverin

Phone:052 6172500

Email: mheverin@nationalist.ie




Eamon Wynne

Phone:052 6172500

Email: ewynne@nationalist.ie




Eamon Lacey

Phone:052 6172500

Email: elacey@nationalist.ie




Aileen Hahesy

Phone:052 6172500

Email: aileen.hahesy@nationalist.ie





Dylan White

Phone:052 6172500

Email: dylan.white@iconicnews.ie


Jeddy Walsh 

Phone:052 6172500

Email: jeddy.walsh@nationalist.ie


Tipperary Star

Friar Street, Thurles

County Tipperary, Ireland

Phone: 0504 29100


Advertising Team


Commercial Manager:

Noreen Condon

Phone:0504 29100

Mobile:086 8075174

Email: noreen.condon@tipperarystar.ie


Advertising team:

Aisling Kennedy

Phone:0504 29100

Mobile:086 0266528

Email: aisling.kennedy@tipperarystar.ie


Michelle Woodlock

Phone:0504 29100

Email: michelle.woodlock@tipperarystar.ie


Sarah Farrell

Phone:0504 29100

Email: sarah.farrell@tipperarystar.ie


Josephine Carey

Phone:0504 29102

Email: Josephine.carey@tipperarystar.ie


Anna Fee

Email: anna.fee@iconicnews.ie

Phone: 0504 29100


Editorial Team

Have you got a story to tell? Then let us know today!



Anne O'Grady

Phone: 0504 29107

Email: aog@tipperarystar.ie

Deputy Editor

Noel Dundon

Phone: 0504 29110

Email: nd@tipperarystar.ie


Eoin Kelleher

Phone: 0504 29109

Email: eoin.kelleher@tipperarystar.ie


Sinéad Goldsboro

Phone: 0504 29112

Email: sinead.goldsboro@tipperarystar.ie


Brian McDonnell

Phone: 0504 29108

Email: bmcdonnell@tipperarystar.ie


Niamh Dillon

Phone: 0504 29106

Email: niamh.dillon@tipperarystar.ie


Ronan Dodd

Phone: 0504 29115

Email: ronan.dodd@tipperarystar.ie

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