Tipperary coronavirus (Covid-19) cases confirmed

Dylan White


Dylan White


Tipperary coronavirus (Covid-19) cases confirmed

Tipperary coronavirus (Covid-19) cases confirmed

The number of coronavirus (Covid-19) cases in Tipperary has been revealed by the Health Protection Surveillance Centre.

There were 74 new confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Ireland as of midday on March 18, made up of 29 females and 45 males.

This brought the number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Ireland to 366, which have resulted in two deaths to date.

The National Public Health Emergency Team has made available an analysis of the 271 cases notified as of midnight on March 16. Five or less cases have been confirmed in Tipperary, with neighbouring counties Cork reporting 48 cases, Kilkenny and Offaly on five or less, Limerick on 15 and Waterford on seven.

Of the 217 cases, 129 are in Dublin, with an overall breakdown of approximately 40% male and 59% female with 23 clusters. There fatality rate is 0.7%

To date, 42% cases are travel related, 22% are associated with community transmission, 17% are as a result of local transmission and 20% remain under investigation.

Two-thirds of cases are younger than 55 years, with almost one in four cases aged 35-44 years. The age group breakdown includes:

Less than 1: 1

1-4: 0

5-14: 4

15-24: 28

25-34: 48

35-44: 62

45-54: 40

55-64: 46

Over 65: 42

One in five cases are healthcare workers with 37% of these cases associated with travel.

"The importance of social distancing cannot be underestimated. Everyone must play their role," Dr Tony Holohan, chief medical officer in the Department of Health, said.

“We need to continue maximising our efforts to interrupt new transmission chains and keep clusters under control. Reduce your social contacts to those in your closest family network. Practice social distancing. Stop shaking hands and hugging when you say hello.”