Christmas in Tipperary: Nenagh's Christmas tree festival puts 'ability' into 'disability'

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Tipperary Star reporter


Tipperary Star reporter


Christmas in Tipperary: Nenagh's Christmas tree festival puts 'ability' into 'disability'

The winning St Cronan's Association tree from last year's festival

St Cronan’s Association proved at last year's Christmas Tree festival in Nenagh that “ability” is a key element in “disability”.

The association, which provides services to people with intellectual disabilities. provided one of last year's winners with their interpretation of A Journey to Bethlehem.

Their tree told the Christmas story from the visit of the angel Gabriel to Mary to tell her she has been chosen to be the mother of Jesus, all the way to the coming birth in a stable.

But how did this beautiful tree come to be? Like any other group of business-like people, the participants had a brain storming session and used story boards to develop the scenes along the way.

The arts and crafts and wood work group were responsible for much of it, including the cutting out of figures and the crocheted and stiffened angels and snowflakes.

It was a masterpiece that brought joy to everyone who saw it and particularly the children.

This year's festival in St Mary's Church of Ireland, Church Road, runs from December 13 to 17, from 1pm to 6pm each day.