Full range of hospital services to resume on Monday morning at SouthTipperary General Hospital

Hospital management praise staff,agencies and volunteers for ensuring hospital operated during Storm Emma

Eamon Lacey


Eamon Lacey



Full range of hospital services to resume on Monday morning at SouthTipperary General Hospital

Normal hospital services at South Tipperary General Hospital will resume on Monday morning following the severe disruption caused by the extreme weather conditions.

Following a number of challenging days STGH management advises that Outpatient Services will resume , clinics, radiology, cardiac diagnostics on Monday 5th March as normal.  Elective surgery will also resume as normal.


Visiting restrictions  at  the hospital have also been removed.


Management at the hospital have paid glowing tributes to everbody who worked tirelessly to ensure the hospital remained opened during the last last few days.

Hospital manager Maria Barry said 

"We thank  the public for their  understand and sincerely express our gratitude to all  staff who worked during this period , many of whom were absent from their families  for in excess of three days. Their dedication and commitment is to be commended. I would particularly like to thanks  the Volunteer  Service Civil Defence , who assisted us so admirably . We also thank the Garda Siochana,  National Ambulance service, the team that kept the campus roadways clear and the Clonmel Park Hotel for accommodating STGH staff so graciously "

The hospital manager also paid tribute to the voluntary agencies who supported the operation of the hospital ,the Civil Defence,Order of Malta and members of the public who helped to bring staff to and from work.

"The Clonmel Civil Defence under the management of Ms Dolores Fahey  played a huge role . These  volunteersgave their own time over the past number of days to ensure that the staff in South Tipperary General were able to get to work. They provided  transport to the hospital staff from the main accommodation hub in the Clonmel Park Hotel and also collected many staff within the hinterlands of  the town. The Civil Defence  also transferred a number of patients who were discharged to their homes yesterday.  The Order of Malta is currently working with the hospital service to ensure patients are transferred safely.The support  that both of these organisations  provide to the hospital community is invaluable. Their efforts and commitment has allowed the hospital staff to provide care to 200 inpatients in South Tipperary General Hospital, over the past number of days.We also thank those members of the community who brought staff to work in tractors ,jeeps and other heavy vehicles .    


Disruptions to Rehab Group Services in Tipperary

Following on from the adverse weather conditions, the RehabCare Knocklofty rural resource centre will remain closed until Tuesday for services users. 

The Suir Drop and the Bridgewater services will open to both staff and services users on Monday.

RehabCare resource centre in Nenagh will also open on Monday. 

This follows an assessment of local conditions and remote requirements around transport.

In the event an individual requires urgent support, outreach support will be put in place.