'It makes perfect sense for Tipperary pharmacies to deliver Covid-19 vaccines'

Dylan White


Dylan White



'It makes perfect sense for Tipperary pharmacies to deliver Covid-19 vaccines'

Cllr Richie Molloy has supported TipperaryLive.ie's call for pharmacies to deliver Covid-19 vaccines

The Tipperary branch of Family Carers Ireland has supported TipperaryLive.ie's call for pharmacies to be allowed to distribute Covid-19 vaccines.

Tipperary carers supports manager Cllr Richie Molloy complimented TipperaryLive.ie for running such a petition, which has received a huge response from the public since it was launched this week.

Taking into consideration that pharmacies distribute the flu vaccine, Cllr Molloy said it "makes perfect sense" for pharmacies to distribute Covid-19 vaccines.

Cllr Molloy said he has received an unprecedented number of requests from family carers in the last few days looking to be vaccinated as soon as possible. He called on pharmacies to support Family Carers Ireland's call for family carers to be included as a priority group for vaccinations.

“Whilst caring for loved ones in the home, most family carers out of necessity need to leave their home for essential supplies, to attend appointments, school and part-time or full-time employment, which many combine with their caring role," Cllr Molloy said.

"We must offer this group the maximum protection for the vulnerable cared for person and for the family carer who may otherwise unwittingly bring the virus into the family home, jeopardising the cared for person and also their role as a care provider. 

"Whilst some family carers will fall under the categories outlined for priority due to their age or own health conditions, many will not. Protecting the vulnerable is about more than protecting the vulnerable person, but is also about protecting the support infrastructure that surrounds them. Who will care for the vulnerable but vaccinated person if their family carer tests positive and has to self-isolate or be admitted to hospital?

"Older people and frontline care workers in nursing homes and care facilities have rightly been prioritised for the Covid vaccine. However, less than 5% of older people reside in these settings, with just under 95% enumerated as living in private households in Census 2016.

"By targeting the paid care work provided to older people in nursing homes, we are failing to reach the vast majority of carers who provide unpaid care within the home. Family Carers Ireland is calling for equal treatment in the administration of the vaccine between carers who are paid and those who are not," Cllr Molloy added.