Tipperary petition launched to 'Save lives, businesses and our future - get the vaccine out'

Sign our online petition backing Tipperary pharmacists to lead the charge for our communities






The Nationalist in Clonmel, Tipperary is backing local pharmacies to deliver the Covid-19 vaccines to our communities - and we need you to sign up!

With soaring cases and hospital admissions, the need for an effective vaccine rollout to see our community open up once again will be vital.

To that end, we have started a petition to the Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly so the people of Tipperary can let the Government know that they believe that the vaccine should be delivered straight to our local communities through our local pharmacies.

“Talking to all our editors, while Covid-19 is dominating news coverage, and will continue to do so, with a vaccine there is hope. But many believe that it could be done better, that we are lagging behind and want more information on what is happening. It is obvious why we need a vaccine. We now know what needs to be done. It’s all about the how and the when now,” said Brian Keyes, Editorial Operations Director for Iconic Newspapers.

“We need to put our communities front and centre in this rollout, and that means local pharmacies. They are still open, still there for locals and they have a proven track record with administering the flu vaccine. Between pharmacists and GPs, 1.1 million flu vaccines have been administered since September last. They are trusted, and that’s important. They need PPE, they need to be informed and they need to lead the charge.

“We can’t be left behind, in particular our rural communities. In many villages, a pharmacy is one of the few places open, and it’s important for communities. The Astrazeneca vaccine will hopefully be here in a matter of weeks, but we need to plan now, we need to give people hope and the Government needs to get our pharmacies involved right away,” Mr Keyes continued. 

“It’s the only thing people are talking about, and there is frustration when we see roll outs in other countries moving ahead at pace. We know what we can do here and the potential that pharmacies in particular have to the rollout is. We need to get back to meeting family and friends again, to playing together again, back to school, opening up our businesses again. Enjoying the simple pleasures. We have started a petition, calling for our pharmacies to lead the charge in getting this vaccine to our communities. You can comment on The Nationalist's Facebook or follow us on Twitter - #bestshot.”

Editor of The Nationalist, Darren Hassett, said it was imperative that every resource was used to distribute the vaccine in the most efficient way. "We find ourselves in a very grave situation and we should use every tool at our disposal to ensure there is an efficient and speedy rollout of the vaccine. It would be most appropriate that the experience and the knowledge of pharmacists throughout the country is availed of and they should be an integral part of this operation," said Mr Hassett.