Billy Morrissey pens a new song for Tipperary footballers

Noel Dundon


Noel Dundon


Trudi Lalor and Billy Morrissey release duet of timeless classic

Billy Morrissey, pictured with fello performer Trudi Lawlor, has penned a new song for Tipperary

Well known singer songwriter has taken to the pen to honour the Tipp footballers winning of the Munster Final

Well known Tipperary singer songwriter Billy Morrissey has penned a new song Tipperary All the Way to honour the achievements of the Premier County footballers who won the Munster Final, by beating Cork in Pairc Ui Chaoimh.

The Banhsa native was thrilled with the victory which bridged an 85 year gap and decided to pen a song to the air of  the old ballad Brennan on the Moor.

The words are:

Come all you sporting people
And listen to me now
I’ll tell a tale of glory
From the homes of Knocknagow.
I’ll sing of when Footballing men
They filled my heart with pride
And won the Munster final
Down by the famed Lee side.

It’s Tipperary all the way,
Tipperary all the way.
Let’s hear it for the Premier boys
Tipperary all the way!

From Nenagh down to Carrick
Kilsheelan to Roscrea.
The heroes of Tipperary
We’ll celebrate today.
Since ‘35 we’ve waited
At last our time has come
They brought the Munster trophy
To their Tipperary home.

It’s Tipperary all the way...

Comerford, Kiely, Casey,
O’Brien , Quinliven too
Maher, Fox, and Feehan,
All showed what they could do.
The Kennedys and O’ Shaughnessy,
O’Riordan standing tall
Campbell, Fahey, Sweeney
Heroes one and all.

It’s Tipperary all the way....

Forever in my memory
I’ll think about this day.
And Proudly I’ll remember
At home or far away.
When our boys from sweet Tipperary
To Cork city they went down,

They beat the mighty Rebels
And won the Munster crown.


It’s Tipperary all the way...

Always we’ll remember too
A hundred years today,
Mick Hogan from Grangemokler
Died on the field of play.
Shot down by British forces,
Those heartless Black and Tans
May God forgive their cruel deeds
Committed in our Land.

It’s Tipperary all the way...