Templemore College of Further Education to host open afternoons





 Templemore College of Further Education to  host open  afternoons

Templemore College of Further Education

Pictured above, Tipperary's only fully equipped iMac Suite with all industry standard softwares for working in the areas of Creative Multi Media and Film Production. The Media Department is also equipped with up to date film equipment and accessories

Templemore College of Further Education will be hosting ‘Open Afternoons’ on Friday August 23 and Monday August 26 from 1.30pm – 3.30pm.
If you are interested in continuing in education or possibly returning to education then call into the college to meet with the teachers and have a look around at the wonderful facilities and array of courses on offer on your door step!
The college has been growing and developing over the last number of years in the PLC sector.
These programmes allow post leaving certificate students to gain knowledge and expertise in a specific area before engaging in third level education. They also provide points for the CAO system as per any other traditional leaving certificate course in the country.
The college is proud of their long standing successful courses in the hairdressing, business and beauty departments. It has also developed new programmes and awards that are relevant to industry’s requirements such as make-up artistry and social studies.
The college has the only iMac suite available to further education students in the county which was launched five years ago and this department proudly offers courses in the areas of creative multi media and film production.
Two years ago a state of the art hairdressing salon was built from scratch and finished to a standard only seen in the highest quality salons in the country.
Recently the college’s beauty therapy salon and health and wellness room have undergone a major revamp with modern and elegant interior finishes in line with industries expectations.
All these developments are indicative of a college that is on the move, innovative, and relevant to current and future trends and needs in further education.

Pictured below the state of the art hairdressing salon with industry standard facilities

Templemore College provides a unique further education environment for students completing leaving cert. and more mature students alike. Collaboration of young and mature, experienced and fresh, provides a learning culture in the college that is challenging yet supportive.
The college prides itself on providing a ‘college experience’ for thousands of students over the past decade.
Information regarding their courses and all programmes is available at or you can call the college at 0504-31007 for a 2019 Prospectus. The open afternoons are on Friday, August 23 and Monday, August 26, 1.30pm – 3.30pm.