Countdown to Santa begins for Tipperary children

Only days to wait

Jeddy Bear


Jeddy Bear

The children from all over County Tipperary – and beyond – will be delighted to hear that ‘The Nationalist’ took a very important phone call this morning from none other than Santa Claus himself to inform us that all our Santa letters have arrived safely in the North Pole.

Santa went on to tell us that all the elves are now busy at work making sure the letters will be sorted and that absolutely everything on each list will be included on the sleigh before he heads off for County Tipperary on Monday night next. Rudolph and all the other reindeer are in top form too and ready for this year's big trip to Tipp.

Santa Claus also said he is greatly looking forward to flying over the Rock of Cashel once again as he makes his way to each and every house where he will be calling.

In the meantime, he asked us, to remind all the boys and girls to stay very good and to make sure to get to bed nice and early on Christmas Eve.

In this week's issue of 'The Nationalist' we had lots and lots of Santa letters and all are safely with Santa now including this one from Harry and Oscar Beatty in Clerihan...


How are you?

Me and brother are so excited for your visit this year. We've been good boys mostly. My brother can even talk this year Santa. We've sent you our letters so we really hope you got them. We will leave out a surprise for you & Rudolf and the other reindeer.

See you soon  Santa. Lots of love. Harry & Oscar Beatty