Picture Gallery: Urlingford Mill Youth Project Stay Awake fundraiser





Children from the Mill Youth Project in Urlingford were all wide awake and in great spirits when they participated in their annual 24hr Stay Awake to raise money for their summer trip. The fundraiser has become a huge hit with the kids in the youth club who plan to visit Clara Lara Fun Park in Co. Wicklow.
Their ages range from 9 to 12 years. They had been in school all day and then gathered at the centre to begin their 24-hour test of endurance. To keep alert, children played games, watched films and kept each other going with plenty of fun and laughter. With their focus on the end result of a fun group event, they kept their spirits high for the night and soldiered on into the morning.
These events could not be held without the generosity of people in the community.
Thank you to those who sponsored the children, including The Forge who once again donated food on the night, the volunteer leaders who worked tirelessly with the children throughout the year and to organise event’s like this.
The children were complimented for their resilience, determination and goodwill.