From Chicago to the Third World -Tipperary woman (20) takes on life changing journey

Dylan White


Dylan White


A 20-year-old from Tipperary is undertaking the voluntary adventure of a lifetime to one of the world's poorest countries this month.

Duhill’s Megan O’Gorman has traveled to Nepal, a country bordered by China and India, to teach orphans basic hygiene skills and English for three and a half weeks.

Before departing Ireland, Rockwell College graduate Megan admitted she was “anxious” about the journey.

“It’s more the fear of the unknown,” she told The Nationalist.

“I went on a J1 to Chicago last summer, but going to a Third World country like Nepal will be different. The people don’t speak English, and I’m expecting the standard of living to be a culture shock,” she continued.

Nonetheless, the daughter of John and Alison O’Gorman was relishing the challenge, intent on using her skills to help develop the children she comes in contact with.

“My friend went to India and really enjoyed it, and I’ve been eager to go on a trip like this ever since.

"I hope to learn a lot from the experience,” Megan added.