Women in Business: Meet Thérése Ryan from Premier County Sports Medicine






Women in Business: Meet Thérése Ryan from Premier County Sports Medicine

Thérése Ryan from Premier County Sports Medicine

Thérèse Ryan originally qualified with a BSc (Honours) in Physiotherapy but continued to advance her career by attaining a Masters Degree in Sports Medicine from Trinity College. Thérèse has two clinics, one in Templemore and the other in Thurles.

The two clinics have consistently been associated with forward thinking treatments. Both clinics annually invest in the latest innovative and evidence based treatments in order to offer their patients the best specialist available treatment options that are out there.  

In recent years Therese and other Physiotherapists in her clinics have trained in Advanced Deep Dry Needling Techniques and in the Innovative Shockwave Therapy Treatment. Presently Therese’s clinics are the only clinics in County Tipperary offering Shockwave, which is reliably returning sports injuries to pre-injured state faster than previous therapy options. 

Shockwave is also being used successfully in her Clinics for chronic injuries such as all forms of Tendonitis, Fibromyalgia Neck Pain, Joint problems, Muscle tears and Chronic Back pain.

Sports injury rehab has advanced and injury recovery has been accelerated through use of the Shockwave Therapy and more recently with the addition of the new Normatec system within both clinics. 

Acknowledging the important role of injury avoidance, Therese also offers the sports player both FMS and the more specialised SFMA movement screens and their corrective strategies to alter poor movement scores which directly enhances  performance. 

Aware of offering more choice to all patients, Therese trained as both a Yoga and Pilates teacher and now enjoys teaching Performance Yoga, Sports Yoga and Yoga-lates (an interesting combination of the two!) as well as successfully adapting both Yoga and Pilates appropriately for Patients within the Clinic setting .

Thérèse is very appreciative to the other three “Women in Business" working in her clinics and gratefully thanks Physiotherapists Majella Delaney and Joanne Shanahan and Practice Manager Jackie Maher.