Breathing the Right Way– Buteyko Breathing Workshop comes to Thurles in April

Workshop takes place on Tuesday, April 23






Breathing the Right Way– Buteyko Breathing Workshop comes to Thurles in April

Everyday up to 13,000 migraine attacks occur in Ireland

How you breathe affects the oxygenation of your organs. Breathing through your mouth only, hyperventilation and over breathing can be detrimental to your health. A better breathing technique is not about longer, deeper breaths and oxygen deficiency is not actually caused by a lack of O2 but rather a lack of Carbon Dioxide, CO2. The Buteyko Breathing Method is a controlled breathing technique that improves a person’s breathing technique and can help with stress reduction, improve athletic performance, help quell anxiety attacks, improve outcomes for asthma patients and is useful as a technique for coping with chronic pain conditions such as migraine.

When you stop mouth breathing and learn to bring your breathing volume toward normal, you have better oxygenation of your tissues and organs, including your brain. Migraine patients can use the Buteyko Breathing Method to reduce stress in their lives which is a major trigger for migraine attacks. They can also use the technique to improve blood oxygenation which in turn can improve brain health and also as an alternative technique for dealing with a migraine attack. It can also help people manage anxiety in the early stages of an attack when they are waiting for their medication to work.

The Buteyko Breathing Method was developed by a Russian medical scientist Dr. Konstantin Buteyko, in the 1950s. Buteyko initially discovered the benefits of correct breathing as a result of trying to address his own dangerously high blood pressure at the age of 26. He learned to calm down his own breathing and reduced his blood pressure naturally. He then developed the Buteyko Method after he discovered that patients exhibited a considerable and uniformed deepening of breathing that increased with the approaching of death. He concluded that hyperventilation causes a depletion of carbon dioxide; low levels of carbon dioxide in the organism caused blood vessels to spasm and also caused oxygen starvation of the tissues.

This Migraine Association of Ireland workshop will be facilitated by The Breathing Coach, Éoin Burns. Éoin Burns is a lifelong asthmatic who vastly improved his condition since completing a Buteyko Breathing course 7 years ago. Éoin is now medication free and is a trained Buteyko Breathing instructor who teaches people techniques to improve their underlining difficulty with hyperventilation.

This workshop will be beneficial to migraine sufferers and other people suffering with chronic pain conditions. As medication options for children and under 18s are often limited, many parents who have children with migraine or chronic pain conditions may be interested in attending and exploring this strategy as a complementary treatment. The workshop will also feature a presentation from Finola Quinn a long term chronic migraine sufferer. She will explain her personal approaches and strategies for coping with a chronic pain condition.

The workshop takes place in The Anner Hotel on Tuesday, April 23 at 7pm. The workshop is free to MAI members and €10 for non members. Bookings through Eventbrite, email: info@migraine.ie or call 01 8941280 to book a place.

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