Public can now view Tipp council meetings live on-line

Noel Dundon


Noel Dundon


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Tipperary County Council's Civic Offices in Clonmel

A reminder from Deputy Martin Browne

Sinn Féin TD Martin Browne is reminding member of the public that they can now view Tipperary County Council proceedings live online.

In a statement issued to  this week, Deputy Browne said:

“We hear a lot about the decisions that are made at council meetings and how those decisions can affect many parts of our lives. I have always believed that local authority meetings should be available online, and I called for it in the past when I was a councillor.

“So now that we are in a situation which prevents us from attending meetings in person, it is good to know that that provisions have been made to enable us all to be present at remote meetings of Tipperary County Council.

“This is important so that we can see how these decisions are made; how our elected representatives contribute to those decisions; and how those matters are progressing.

Deputy Martin Browne, Sinn Fein TD

“But it is also important that every member of the public can see the manner in which our democratic process is conducted.
“This is good for the proper functioning of local democracy. Public knowledge of this process can only improve it.

“So I want to remind everyone that you can watch monthly meetings of Tipperary County Council and the Municipal Districts by applying in advance. Certain protocols will apply.

“You will need to apply at least three days in advance to secretary

“More information about meeting dates are available at,” Deputy Browne said.
The main council meeting takes place once a month and there are also Municipal District meetings for each of the Districts once a month as well.