Huge response to Tipperary woman's coronavirus GoFundMe for frontline staff

Dylan White


Dylan White


Tipperary woman's coronavirus GoFundMe for frontline staff breaks boundaries

Tipperary's Helen Shanahan launched the Feed Tipp's Heroes GoFundMe last week

A County Tipperary woman praises the public for rallying behind a fundraiser to provide food for local frontline staff fighting the Covid-19 coronavirus.  

The brainchild of Cashel’s Helen Shanahan, the Feed Tipp's Heroes GoFundMe was inspired by all of the good deeds being carried out in communities across Ireland since the outbreak of Covid-19. 

“In Tipperary, no one is putting their shoulders to the wheel like our medical staff in fighting Covid-19,” Helen tells 

"Local restaurants have shown great kindness in donating food to frontline staff. When I saw that Galileo restaurant in Clonmel delivered 170 pizzas to South Tipperary General Hospital staff, I wanted to help out in any way possible.”

The Feed Tipp's Heroes GoFundMe was launched last week and has already surpassed its goal of raising €1,000 thanks to the generosity of the public. “I thought to myself, ‘if I want to make a contribution others probably do as well’. The response to the Feed Tipp's Heroes GoFundMe has been amazing,” she smiles.

“I wanted to keep it local so that people from Tipperary know their contributions are going to the likes of South Tipperary General Hospital. Free food will be provided for hospital staff, ambulance staff,  staff at the Covid-19 testing centres and basically anyone who is helping out in Tipperary. The pandemic could go on for months and it’s not possible for restaurants to keep making donations. To sustain the generosity of restaurants we need to help cover their costs. Even providing a plate of sandwiches for those working at the test centres is making a difference.”

Helen, who recently finished top of her Pharmaceutical Business and Technology class at Griffith College in Dublin while undergoing treatment for breast cancer, is one of over 50,000 people who have registered for the HSE's ‘On Call for Ireland’ to tackle the coronavirus. 

She is “really heartened” by how the Irish people have adopted social distancing measures, hand sanitising and washing. “Some people think that if a virus happens on the other side of the world it will never arrive here. There is no inbuilt immunity in the population and it’s frightening how quickly the coronavirus can spread,” she says. 

“Everyone is really going the extra mile to help out. We can help frontline staff at work for us by staying at home for them,” she says.

Helen is encouraging the public to “be kind” and look out for the elderly in the community. “There is a real fear among older people. They have lived through so much and fear the coronavirus could kill them off,” says Helen, whose parents are both in their 90s. 

“If you have elderly neighbours, make sure to contact them and offer to do their shopping. If people end up going into isolation, it’s important that there is a service that ensures their shopping is done for them. We can all play a part,” she adds. 

Visit the Feed Tipp's Heroes GoFundMe page to make a donation.