Advice for all over 70's who are now permitted to get out for exercise from today

Noel Dundon


Noel Dundon


Early management is essential to get the best returns from your forest

If you are out and about walking today, continue to maintain social distancing.

Don't over-do it for the first few days

Thousands of over 70's across Tipperary, who have been cocooning for the last number of weeks, have finally been given the green light today to get out and about to exercise.

And, already it has become very clear that people are availing of the chance, despite the weather having turned a little cooler than it has been for some time.

But, despite the huge desire to head off on the roads and streets of the county for long walks, cycles,  to sample the countryside, the fresh air and to catch up on all the scenes denied over the last few weeks, the advice is for a much more relaxed approach to be adopted.

Take your time returning to the things you used to do as a matter of course a few weeks ago. If it has been a few weeks since you were able to exercise, take it easy; don't rush in and don't over-do it.

The guidelines are still adamant that there should be no interaction in shops and social distancing should continue to be applied as a matter of course.

And, if you are out and about, make sure that you are safe and seen - wear a high viz vest or jacket if you are on the roads so that motorists can see you in plenty of time. Carry a mobile phone with you, just in case you need help of any kind during your trip.

Enjoy the 'freedom' and hopefully, very soon, the restrictions will be fully lifted and life can return to normal again.