Tipp deaths drop in 2020 despite presence of Covid-19

Noel Dundon


Noel Dundon



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The death rate in Tipperary was down in 2020 despite Covid-19

Figures obtained show the numbers in 2020 were below the five year average

Despite the presence of Covid-19 throughout the community in County Tipperary over the last year, the number of deaths in the county has fallen and it was at it's second lowest rate in 2020 over the last five year period.

Figures obtained by tipperarylive.ie through the online website rip.ie show that deaths in Tipperary in 2020 amounted to 1,765 - almost 34 people per week.

However, this figure is less than the same period in 2019 when 1,803 deaths were recorded in The Premier County.
The 2020 figure is also lower than the 2018 figure which amounted to 1770, but is higher than the 2017 figure which came in at 1,710.

2016 saw the highest death rate in Tipperary over the last five years with 1,840 deaths recorded.

This means that in Tipperary over the last five years, 8,888 have died with the average per year amounting to 1,777.
While Covid-19 cases were at a very low scale in Tipperary in the early stages of its arrival in Ireland, the figures rose substantially before Christmas and a number of Covid related deaths have been reported since, along with a number of deaths during the first and second lockdown periods.

This has resulted in real heartbreak for the bereaved to whom sympathy is tendered - traditional funerals were not even possible in most cases, thereby adding to the sense of loss for all concerned.

But, the job of suppressing the virus has, by-and-large been successful in Tipperary thanks to the dilligence of the vast majority of people in keeping their distance, using facemarks, washing hands, and staying at home unless absolutely necessary.

Without a doubt the efforts of the Premier people is saving lives but the quest to keep the virus contained will continue into the foreseeable future.