Meet the Tipperary candidates: Marese Skehan Independent






Meet the Tipperary candidates: Marese Skehan Independent

Q: What do you think will be the main issues coming up on the doorsteps in Tipperary now that the election campaign is officially under way?

A: I would like to see health concerns, Nenagh hospital and overcrowding in A&E being discussed. I would like to see housing being discussed. I also think crime and drugs could be discussed on the doorstep.

Q: What should be the key local priorities for the Tipperary constituency in the next Dáil?

A: Getting Co. Council building houses again and create competition for school traffic management plan in Thurles.

Q: Why should people vote for you?

A: My track record as member of Thurles community social services home help organiser for 36 years. I was manager of Social Services involving so much of its core activities.

Q: If you had the power to make one big thing happen, locally or nationally, what would it be?

A: Get rid of recruitment embargo within the health service and hire suitable staff, create full primary care teams with greater diagnostic capabilities, make positions in health service more attractive besides salaries.

Q: Who will top the poll in the Tipperary constituency?

A: Don't know but I would hope it would be someone experienced in dealing with important issues. Someone with a vision for change.