Election 2020

Snow is falling all around us - and so are candidates in the general election in Tipperary

Noel Dundon


Noel Dundon




The count centre in Thurles is turning white with snow

Only one candidate has been elected in Tipperary so far and it could be into the afternoon before we have a second. But, who will that be?

As general election counting resumes in the Tipperary count centre in the Presentation Secondary School Sports Hall in Thurles, heavy snow is falling, and so too are candidates.

At present the 4,749  votes accumulated by Fianna Fail candidate Imelda Goldsboro are being distributed, but they are unlikely to elect a second candidate at this stage. Already eliminated are Independent candidates Marese Skehan (RIP), Sandra Farrell of Fianna Fail, Dolores Cahill of the Irish Freedom Party, and of Cllr Goldsboro who became the second Fianna Fail candidate to fall by the wayside after the fourth count.

The heavy rains of yesterday which resulted in a drenching for many attending the count, have been replaced by blizzard like conditions - the perils of an election in the depth of winter. But, the elements will not bother poll topper Michael Lowry or his supporters one whit - this morning they are reveling in the warm after-glow of another "stunning" election achievement, as he described it.

It is expected that the fourth count will be completed before noon but the distribution is unlikely to elect a second TD. While Martin Browne has the biggest tally of the remaining lot, he might not necessarily take the second seat, with Mattie McGrath and Jackie Cahill expecting to benefit more from Goldsboro's transfers. It will be an interesting morning.