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Cllr David Doran to stand as an Independent candidate in Thurles district

Noel Dundon


Noel Dundon



Davbid Doran

Cllr David Doran (right) pictured with horse trainer Joseph O'Brien

Former Sinn Fein councillor is goi g  it alone this time round

Thurles based Councillor David Doran is standing as an independent in the local elections for the first time. 

The former Sinn Fein member has won a number of elections under the party banner, but resigned from the party earlier this year over a number of ongoing situations, including the  party's decision that no male could contest the selection convention for the general election. Following his resignation, he immediately announced that he would be standing as an independent candidate and has been very active since.

“I want to say with my hand on my heart, it’s always been my great pleasure and privilege to be your representative and I am going forward as an Independent candidate in the upcoming local elections this year where I will be respectfully asking you for your vote and support and it may be true that elements within the Sinn Séin party don’t want me to be their candidate, but maybe the people of Thurles and the surrounding parishes do want me to be theirs. In any case you can rest assured that David Doran will be going before the people on May 24th, seeking a mandate to continue on doing the work I enjoy doing day-in day-out and that’s serving my community,” he said in his resignation statement.