Learn photography skills online with Tipperary Library






Learn photography skills online with Tipperary Library

Our Summer Stars is rolling to its conclusion and we're going out with a bang! And it's all on our FaceBook (facebook.com/ tipperarylibraries) and Twitter (@TippLib) channels.

On Saturday last Suzanne and Aoife hosted an online Teddybear's Picninc, while in Nenagh Margaret's reading of "Pottymouth & Stoopid" reached its anarchic conclusion, as well as Breda's Craft Bag and the Lego Club. Sarah from Cashel Library has some lovely stories for children starting school because it's that time of year again!

This summer was like none we have ever experienced before but, while circumstances may have changed, our commitment to bringing the joys of reading and exploring new ideas to our young members hasn't. Thank you all for supporting so many of our Summer Stars events on-line and remember, it's not over yet, so get those books finished and your cards back into your branch.

Our online resources continue to be popular at the moment too, and here are a few recommendations from our eServices, including eAudioBooks, eBooks, eMagazines, newspapers and even an online course! Remember, you can access all of these services for free with your library card barcode and pin number. If you don’t know these we’ll sort you out at tel. 0761 06 6100, or email libraries@tipperarycoco.ie.

If you’re not a library member but want to join then you can get all you need to access these superb resources in a matter of a couple of minutes at librariesireland.ie/join-your -library.

BorrowBox eBook Recommendation: You People by Nikita Lalwani

The Pizzeria Vesuvio looks like any other Italian restaurant in London - with a few small differences. The chefs who make the pizza fiorentinas are Sri Lankan, and half the kitchen staff are illegal immigrants.

At the centre is Tuli, the restaurant's charismatic proprietor and resident Robin Hood, who promises to help anyone in need. Welsh nineteen-year-old Nia, haunted by her troubled past, is running from her family. Shan, having fled the Sri Lankan civil war, is desperate to find his.

But when Tuli's guidance leads them all into dangerous territory, and the extent of his mysterious operation unravels, each is faced with an impossible moral choice. In a world where the law is against you, how far would you be willing to lie for a chance to live?

BorrowBox eAudioBook Recommendation: Gentlemen & Ladies, by Susan Hill and read by Elaine Claxton

Faith Lavender's funeral and the arrival of a stranger upsets the balance of Haverstock. Undercurrents of fierce emotion reach the surface while the tensions rise and the ladies of Haverstock find their actions motivated by mutual suspicion and fear.

BorrowBox Young Adults’ eBook Recommendation: Yes No Maybe So by Aisha Saeed and Becky Albertalli

Jamie Goldberg is cool with volunteering for his local state candidate - as long as he’s behind the scenes. There’s no way he’d ever knock on doors to ask people for their votes…until he meets Maya. Maya Rehman’s having the worst Ramadan ever. Her best friend is too busy to hang out, her summer trip is cancelled, her parents are separating and now her mother thinks the solution to her problems is political canvassing - with some awkward guy she hardly knows ...

Going door to door isn’t exactly glamorous, but maybe it’s not the worst thing in the world. After all, the polls are getting closer - and so are Maya and Jamie. Mastering local activism is one thing. Navigating the cross-cultural crush of the century is another thing entirely.

Borrowbox Kids’ eAudioBook Recommendation: The Naughtiest Unicorn on a School Trip by Pip Bird and read by Carlyss Peer

Mira and Dave are so excited to go on a school trip with all their Unicorn School friends! They're visiting the Baby Animal Rainbow Care Centre (BARCC for short) and can't wait to meet all the adorable baby animals. Will Dave eat all of his lunch on the bus? Will Raheem ever put down his quest clipboard? Will Mira meet a super-rare caticorn? One thing is for sure ... a school trip with Dave the naughtiest unicorn is going to be one big adventure!

Non-fiction BorrowBox: Muhammad Ali: The Life of a Legend by Fiaz Rafiq

He is a legend who transcended boxing and rose above all sport. A man of mythic proportions, Ali rose to become a prominent feature of our cultural landscape.

Through exclusive accounts from family members, close friends, associates and adversaries, Fiaz Rafiq has compiled a compelling and intriguing insight into a sporting legend. Muhammad Ali's story is an epic one, one of bravery, courage, hope, skill and indomitable will. Muhammad Ali: The Life of a Legend is the ultimate tribute to one of the greatest icons in world sport.


In this era of information overload, Reader’s Digest offers something unique: the very best advice, information and inspiration from multiple sources, condensed into an easy-to-read digest. In each issue you’ll get trusted, time-saving insights about Health, Personal Finance, Work, Family, and National issues, plus exclusive book excerpts, news- making interviews, and humor. Go to www.tipperary libraries.ie/rbdigital- magazine-service/ for more details to access this and dozens more titles.


Keep up with domestic and worldwide news and current affairs with PressReader, our free newspaper and magazine service. Many popular titles are available, from our own Irish Independent to Britain’s Guardian and America’s Washington Post, and you can download them all onto your devices daily.

Universal Class

If you’ve time on your hands and want to put it to the best use possible, why not start a top class online course? Universal Class has over 500 courses to offer, covering a wide range of academic and leisure disciplines, from psychology to photography. Log on to universal class.com to see what’s on offer.

Here’s a taste of what you can expect: You just bought your first digital camera and don't know the ins and outs of all those buttons. If that isn't daunting enough, the user's manual is pages thick and intimidating. Well, you've come to the right place. UniversalClass is delighted to offer you this introductory course to Digital Photography.

Tipperary Studies News

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new website, www.tippstudiesdigital.ie. Be sure to pay the site a visit to enjoy the great improvements and additions that have been made to your Tipperary local history research experience.

Our temporary opening hours are Mon - Fri, 10am-1pm, 2pm-5pm. Please note that booking is essential prior to your visit. Call 0761 066 123, or email studies@tipperarycoco.ie