ICSA meets Turkish ambassador on cattle shipments

Tipperary Star reporter


Tipperary Star reporter



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A senior delegation of ICSA officials last week met the Ambassador to Turkey, Levent Murat Burhan, at the Turkish Embassy in Dublin to explore the potential for increasing live exports to Turkey, including the potential to expand the market to include heavier cattle than the typical 300kg limit.

“There is currently huge demand for beef in Turkey due to the sheer size of the population. ICSA is pushing to further tap into that demand by increasing the numbers of cattle we are shipping live, which includes the opportunity to ship heavier cattle. Irish beef beef farmers in this country need to have the option of live shipping, indeed it has never been more imperative to have this option,” said ICSA president Patrick Kent after the meeting.

Mr Kent said the delegation also discussed the issue of animal welfare standards once cattle arrive in Turkey.

Mr Kent said: “The ambassador assured us they were fully committed to the highest possible standards. The ambassador said Turkish farmers take huge pride in taking great care of their cattle.”

Meanwhile, IFA National Livestock chairman Angus Woods said the cattle trade remained buoyant with strong demand for cattle from the factories, live exporters and at marts. He said at the factories, the base price was €4.05/4.10 for steers and €4.15 / €4.20 for heifers. The live export trade was also buoyantfor Turkey, Libya and Algeria. Mr Woods was confident that more exporters will secure more contracts for the Turkish market.