Be careful on the roads as silage season gets into full swing

Noel Dundon


Noel Dundon



Motorists are being advised to maintain extra vigilance when travelling on rural roads as the silage season begins in earnest

Large machinery will be travelling the roads of Tipperary and doing their best to make time

It's the time of the year when silage harvesters, tractors and wagons are on the road from early morning until late at night. So, motorists are being advised to take extra precaution when journeying, especially on narrow country roads.

Farmers all over Tipperary have turned their attention to silage and contractors have their machinery in ship shape and at the ready for the call to start silage making. It is a fast moving job where time means money and this usually results in contractors flying along the roads getting from field to pit, and travelling from farm to farm.

As a motorist, you don't want to play chicken with a gigantic silage harvester, or a tractor and trailer, or loader - it just wouldn't be a fair contest. So please, take extra care and don't be added to the growing list of casualties on the road or on the farm. 

Now that motorists have been warned, the attention turns to those driving the huge machinery. There is a huge responsibility on drivers to be careful, to drive within the speed limits, and to drive with due care and attention. Remember, such is the power of the machines under your command, that any slight collision could be fatal. The silage will get done so take your time and don't take risks.

Slow down and take care.