Time to retyre?

'Wheely' sorry Tipp farmer caught ploughing on regardless

Tipperary Star Reporter


Tipperary Star Reporter



'Wheely' sorry farmer caught ploughing on regardless

The social media whizz behind the An Garda Síochána Twitter account was certainly in a jovial mood on Tuesday morning when they posted this picture of a tractor seized by Tipperary Traffic Corp driving on three wheels near Littleton. The fourth wheel was tied to rear of a trailer it was hauling. 

By evening the tweet had become a viral hit racking up hundreds of retweets and likes and even a mention on the TV3 5.30pm news bulletin.

Apparently the driver was 'wheely wheely sorry'.

And the Twittersphere didn't disappoint as the puns came rolling in.

Was he released on bale?

hay he must have been in a slurry!

he'd want to tread carefully in future

Well played sirs, well played!