Twinned schools project is a great success


Twinned schools project is a great success

St. Mary’s School in Irish-town, Clonmel was a hive of activity recently for the visit of 50 people from Clonmel’s twin town of Peoria in Illinois, United States.

The visitors, led by Mayor James Dillon and group Leader Jim Spears, were in Clonmel for the annual Skype Trivia Quiz between Carey’s Bar and Jimmy’s Bar in Peoria.

St. Mary’s is twinned with St. Phlomena’s School in Peoria and there are many exchange projects between the schools.

As a result of a fundraising event in Peoria, Mayor Dillon presented nine ipads to St. Mary's to enhance communication between the schools.

Proceeds of the quiz, which was organised by the Clonmel Bianconi Twinning Committee, were also presented to the school principal Eoin Morrissey by committee chairperson Ted Boyle.

The presentation took place in bright sunshine in front of all the school pupils in the school yard.

Eoin Morrissey expressed sincere gratitude for the presentations. Pupils presented hurleys and sliothars for St. Philomena’s and also a signed Tipperary hurling jersey to Jim Spears. A copy of the Proclamation was presented to Mayor Dillon.

All agreed that the visit will further strengthen the links between the schools.

During the visit to the town Mayor Dillon, on behalf of the Friends of Clonmel, also made a generous donation to Banna Chluain Meala, in honour of Leo and Joanna Jordan of Peoria, who started the town twinning along with former Mayor of Clonmel, Vera Hewitt.