Clonmel store is offering to help you get fit - with your pets!

Clonmel store is offering to help you get fit - with your pets!

The pet experts at Maxi Zoo in Clonmel are playing a leading role in helping local pet owners to get active and to enjoy the outdoors with their pet now that the warm weather has returned.

“May is the perfect time for pet owners to take a fresh look at the value of getting active and having fun with their pet and we have developed a host of tips to help them start summer on the right foot,” said Alice Cross, Executive Director of Maxi Zoo.

“A dog is the best exercise partner you can find and exercising with your pet is the best way to improve their well-being, to help them burn off energy, to increase their self-confidence and to strengthen the bond between you and your pet,” she added.

Maxi Zoo’s pet experts are available to help pet parents decide on the type of outdoor activities that are best suited to their pet, taking its breed, age, physical constitution and body type into consideration.

“Agility exercises and games like fetch or tug-o-war are ideal for lively characters but older or heavier dogs or those with health issues should only be physically challenged in moderation. Our pet experts are available any time to help people make the right choice,” said Alice.

“A game of fetch with a classic dog ball is hard to beat, but active dogs also enjoy the mental and physical workout that comes from playing with agility balls, which are superb for training and teaching them new commands. Dummy-training where you throw or lose a dummy also help pets to learn and heed their owner’s orders,” added Alice.

Maxi Zoo’s pet experts can help local pet parents gain a better understanding of their dog’s physical needs and the beneficial role that running and co-ordination exercises have to play in keeping them fit and healthy.

“Running and co-ordination exercises can help ‘lubricate’ your pet’s joints, while strengthening the muscles, the heart and the circulatory system. Training can also fight against muscle degeneration and keep the musculoskeletal system running smoothly,” said Alice.

Pet owners who want to learn more and to avail of great discount prices on Maxi Zoo’s range of pet products, including the AniOne agility balls, dogs balls, dog toys and durable tug ropes, which range in price from €4.99 to €12.99, can do so by visiting the store at Poppyfields Retail Park anytime throughout May.