Campaign to wipe out Japanese knotweed in Co. Tipperary

Invasive plant threatens roads, buildings, footpaths

Eoin Kelleher


Eoin Kelleher


Campaign to wipe out Japanese knotweed in Co. Tipperary

Japanese Knotweed can break up cement, and lower property values.

By Eoin Kelleher

Japanese knotweed is destroying roads, footpaths, and infrastructure across Tipperary and can only be dealt with by experts with specialised equipment and training, heard this month’s Co. Council meeting.

Co. Limerick is leading the way in combating the destructive plant, developing a smartphone app where members of the public can notify the authorities if they spot the pernicious weed. Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) is providing funding to combat the invasive weed, which spreads easily.

Cllr David Dunne said the Japanese Knotweed is being left to “run riot” near Carrick-on-Suir. “It’s spreading and spreading. It’s the owners who have responsibility for it.”

Cllr Marie Murphy said both Clare and Limerick have been very proactive regarding the Knotweed, and Tipperary Co. Council needs a precise plan regarding eradication.

Director of Services Marcus O’Connor, said Councillors have had a workshop on the matter, and the Municipal Districts are engaging in a campaign of public education concerning knotweed, which can “attack the underlying integrity of buildings”.

Senior Engineer Michael Hayes said there is a 3-year programme in place, and the TII is providing sprays and information on its website. “It’s a very specialist job,” said Mr Hayes.