Tipp for Jobs group assemble volunteers to aid project

Tipp for Jobs

Tipp for jobs

A section of the group who attended the Jobs for Tipp meeting.

the Jobs For Tipp group organised a meeting last Thursday in the Tipperary Community Service Centre to bring together as many local voluntary community organisations as possible.

At least forty people from various volunteer groups, the Chamber of Commerce, Jobs for Tipp and local . Councillor Martin Browne attended.

Tom Richardson (local accountant - JOBS FOR TIPP) and Lisa English (Planning Engineer – JOBS FOR TIPP) made a joint presentation to the floor about the importance of citizens and those volunteers already established within the community coming together as one single unit under the same umbrella, if there is to be any hope of influencing those that are responsible for the devising of the next Co. Council Development Plan.

Included in Tom Richardson suggestions of where to start, he used words such as WHO? (Who are we.....'Tipperary Volunteers?) WHAT? (What do we want to achieve?) HOW? (How do we do this?) WHY? (Why are we doing this?) WHERE? (Where does it start.

In this room with all the assembled 'Tipperary Volunteers') AND WHEN? (When do we start to create our own development plan for Tipperary and surrounding areas?


He went on to say that it is no longer feasible to expect to be spoon-fed by elected politicians. This introduction was followed by a further expansion with an emphasis on planning and zoning for business and homes from Lisa.

The conclusion reached and agreed by everyone in the room by the end of the evening, was that the solution to the current demise of Tipperary and its outlying areas rests with the ‘Tipperary Volunteers’ (the initial name for this new collective group) being involved with the ‘Planning Stage’ rather being involved at the ‘Protesting Stage’ of any future Development Plan.

The Chamber of Commerce Chairperson, Shane Kelly stressed most strongly about the importance of obtaining the best possible Co. Council Development Plan for this area, not only for those here and now, but for generations of young people to come. Co. Councillor Martin Browne informed the meeting, that the Co.Council are already making suggestions for the plan which is soon to be consolidated and advised us to start to work immediately, pledging his full support. The atmosphere in the room was one of hope, faith and an energetic self- belief at this point.

Jpb Creation

The main areas to be addressed were put under four initial main headings: Planning and zoning of land for housing; The Town Centre; Tourism and Heritage, and Job Creation.

A hugely enthusiastic roomful of people were asked to think about which of these areas they might involve themselves with, and to spread the message of the ‘Tipperary Volunteers’ to as many other voluntary groups as possible and to come back to another brain-storming meeting on Thursday 30th August at 8pm in the Community Service Centre, St. Michael St, Tipperary Town.