Ryanair cancellations - Tipperary passengers have an extensive array of rights

Anne O'Grady


Anne O'Grady

Deirdre Clune

Clune urges Ryanair to be upfront with their passengers

Ireland South MEP and member of the EU Transport committee Deirdre Clune has called on Ryanair to be upfront with their passengers and communicate clearly which flights they are intending to cancel. Clune said the uncertainty over flight cancellations is having an impact on both tourism and business travellers who may have to make alternate flight arrangements with very short cancellation notice. 

Speaking on the issue, Clune said passengers need to know where they stand, 

“Passengers have an extensive array of rights but Ryanair have a duty of care to their passengers to be clear on which flights they are cancelling - well in advance. Ryanair knows what flights they are going to cancel and they need to make that information clear to their intending passengers. 

“The passenger-rights regulation known as EC261 is there to balance the rights of passengers with the needs of airlines. That provides for compensation and a host of other rights for passengers in the event of delay or cancellation of a flight. If passengers don’t want to apply for their entitlements themselves, there are a host of private companies such as myrefund.ie who will apply for you for a small commission", she said.