"It would be easier to get the Pope to come to Nenagh" says Tipperary Cllr. Jim Ryan

Noel Dundon


Noel Dundon



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Coming to Nenagh? There is a better chance of that happening that of getting TII to do something about Turtulla Cross, just outside Thurles, according to Cllr Jim Ryan.

Transport Infrastructure Ireland has been heavily criticised over a lethal junction just outside Thurles, but Independent Councillor Jim Ryan says it would be easier to get the Pope to come to Nenagh than to get the TII to do anything about the junction.

It would be easier to get the Pope to visit Nenagh than it would to get Transport Infrastructure Ireland to visit Turtulla, Thurles to inspect 'the most dangerous junction in the county', according to Tipperary County Councillor Jim Ryan.
The Independent Councillor was pleading with council officials to have the TII come to Thurles in a bid to commence the process of realigning the junction by acquiring a strip of land and making the necessary changes.
And, he had pleaded with the road staff to get ahead of the curve by talking to landowners direct before involving the TII.
Cllr Ryan witnessed a very narrow escape at the junction recently and was quite forceful in his comments, stating that the matter had been left on the backburner for far too long.

Independent Councillor Jim Ryan

“This junction is a death trap as far as I am concerned and it's on a 100km/h road. Sooner or later there is going to be a pile-up. How much longer do we have to wait before there is another death here? Action has to be taken now because this is the most dangerous junction in the county,” Cllr Ryan said.
The junction, which is on the Thurles-Horse and Jockey road, at the top of Thurles Golf Club, had some safety measures installed a few years ago, but they have not worked and it is still causing huge problems for road users.
When informed by Senior Executive Engineer Michael Hayes that TII are the paymasters as far as this junction in concerned and that they would have to be asked to look at the junction again, a frustrated Cllr Ryan replied, “Can we not just approach the landowners ourselves in a bid to get this moving and see if they are willing to give a strip to make this work. It will take months and years for the TII to come down here and start a process. It would be easier to get the Pope to visit Nenagh than it would to get the TII to do something about the junction. For God's sake let's take the initiative ourselves before someone else is killed,” Cllr Ryan said.
A number of accidents have taken place at the junction over the last few years.