Two Tipperary Gardaí honoured with Silver Scott Medals in Templemore

Eoin Kelleher


Eoin Kelleher


Two Tipperary Gardaí honoured with Silver Scott Medals in Templemore

Inspector Eddie Golden, and Silver Scott Medal recipient Sgt. Deborah Marsh

Two Tipperary Gardaí who risked their lives in the line of duty have been honoured with An Garda Siochána’s Silver Scott Medal for bravery, at a passing out ceremony in Templemore’s Garda Training College.

Sergeant Deborah Marsh and Garda Gerard Brassil were on duty in Newport Garda Station in 2012, when they encountered a van being driven erratically at Lackamore, Newport, Co. Tipperary. 

Having stopped the driver, they noticed he was visibly intoxicated. Garda Brassil noticed two weapons, a shotgun, and a rifle, on the front seat passenger seat and enquired if they were loaded. The driver of the van did not answer. Sergeant Marsh requested the driver to step out of the van. 

Sergeant Marsh bravely recounted her harrowing story to the media in Templemore, and what happened next.

The driver of the van "grabbed the shotgun and pointed it up towards himself." 

Garda Brassil, believing the driver was going to kill himself, pushed the weapon away. A struggle ensued and resulting in the driver pointing the shotgun at Garda Brassil's face. Garda Brassil, fearing for his life and that of his colleague, continued struggling with the driver to disarm him.

Sgt. Marsh drew her baton and struck the driver on the hand. During the struggle, Garda Brassil managed to turn the barrel away from himself and Sergeant Marsh. A shot was then fired which exited through the roof of the van. Both Sergeant Marsh and Garda Brassil continued to struggle with the driver and Garda Brassil managed to seize the shotgun. 

Garda Brassil went to the front of the van with the shotgun. Sergeant Marsh ran towards the rear where she slipped and fell on the ground. At this point, the driver produced the rifle and pointed it at Sergeant Marsh before turning and firing a number of shots out through the front windscreen at Garda Brassil. 

The driver of the van then turned the rifle on himself, discharging a fatal shot. 

For the full story, and full interview with Sergeant Marsh, read this week's Tipperary Star.