Thurles parish goes hi-tech with message from the new PP inviting all to the annual Carol Service on Sunday evening.

Noel Dundon


Noel Dundon


Cathedral of the Assumtpion

The Cathedral of the Assumpiton will be packed to capacity on Sunday evening for the annual Carol Service.

Rev Fr James Purcell features in a new YouTube message informing members of the public of the services available in Thurles over Christmas, thereby engaging in a new departure for the Church in the parish.

Thurles parish has embarked upon a new way of getting to those using social media by producing a dvd featuring the recently appointed PP, Rev Fr James Purcell, informing everyone of the services available over the Festive Season.

The message commences by inviting the general public to come to the annual Carol Service in the Cathedral of the Assumption on Sunday evening - one of the major highlights of the year in the parish - and goes on to inform about the Mass times in St Josephs and St Brigids Church (Bohernanave) and the Cathedral of the Assumption, as well as Confession times and reconciliation services to be held in the run-up to December 25th.

This is a new departure to the parish and is an acknowledgement of a new means of accessing parishioners through social media. There have been many views of the dvd already and people are certainly getting the message.

Just following the link below to see the dvd featuring Fr James.