Saint Cormac's Cemetery Cashel bylaws 'must be enforced'

Eoin Kelleher


Eoin Kelleher


Saint Cormac's Cemetery Cashel bylaws 'must be enforced'

Bylaws in Cashel's St. Cormac's Cemetery “must be enforced” heard the December meeting of the Municipal District.

Repairs have been carried out on St. Cormac’s Cemetery in Cashel, including footpaths, the installation of CCTV at the entrance, and “putting in another light across the road from it,” said Senior Engineer Mr. Aidan Finn.

Drainage is also an important issue at the Cemetery. A solution is being found for the flooding at nearby Wallor’s Lot. Once resolved, that area can be used for further development, said Mr Finn.

Cllr Tom Wood requested that Management “would advise if Council approval has been given for the erection of headstones in the extension of St. Cormac’s Cemetery, Cashel, as concerns have been expressed about the failure to implement bylaws in some instances.”

Cllr Wood said a number of people were concerned about “unauthorised works” in the Cemetery. “All I ask is that the bylaws that were initiated by Cashel Town Council be implemented, and observed. People are bringing it to my attention.”

Cllr Martin Browne encouraged the Council to enforce the bylaws. “The longer you leave it, the harder it is to remove them. I would urge them to move in straight away.”

Cllr Roger Kennedy said there was “no reason the bylaws should not be observed.”

It's understood three spaces can be sold per family, with a maximum of nine burials per plot. There are also height restrictions on what monuments can be built. Cormac's Cemetery has been the focus of ongoing complaints regarding anti-social behaviour. In April, Cllr Roger Kennedy said “people are not happy with headstone heights” and some headstones are “twice the legal height”.