Tipperary's Felicity Moroney stars in Operation Transformation

Anne O'Grady


Anne O'Grady

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Leader Felicity Maroney does not want to pass on her bad eating habits to her daughter

One of the stars of the current Operation Transformation, which is featuring on RTE, is a member of a hugely popular Tipperary family.

Felicity Moroney, whose address is given as 30, Artane, Dublin actually hails from the Premier County.


Felicity is a native of Clogheen and still has strong family ties to the village. Her dad, Martin, runs Moroneys shop in Clogheen and is a well known businessman throughout Tipperary. 

Her participation in Operation Transformation is garnering huge interest in Clogheen and hundreds of local turned up for a walk last Thursday in support of their local hero.

Another walk will take place tomorrow evening in support of Felicity, starting at Clogheen Community Hall at 7 p.m.

According to Dr. Eddie Murphy of Operation Transformation Felicity is a bright, engaging and bubbly person. At the young age of 12 she lost the main anchor in her life, her mother.

"In the short time after this, she entered puberty. In psychology it is known that this is a particularly vulnerable time for children if traumatic events happen.

"Felicity also went from national to secondary school all major transitions at a vulnerable moment. Felicity was triggered to start Operation Transformation by her desire not to visit her poor food habits on her daughter.

"Planning and organisation will be her friend. She has a great supportive partner, Dan, and together once she gets her health back in-check they will achieve many great things.

"To me Felicity represents true grit, someone when the chips are down will divert her energy into the task.

"Felicity struggles with anxiety and I hope we can do some work on this that we can share through the program", Dr. Murphy says.