'Technical challenges' for Dundrum sewerage 'a serious health issue' - Municipal District

Eoin Kelleher


Eoin Kelleher



'Technical challenges' for Dundrum sewerage 'a serious health issue' - Municipal District

Water infrastructure issues continue to bedevil households across south Tipperary, heard January’s meeting of Cashel Tipperary Municipal District.

Senior Water Services Engineer with Tipperary Co. Council Denis Holland and Director of Services Sean Keating updated Councillors on water services across the District.

Cllr Tom Wood and Cllr Roger Kennedy had requested that “in view of the very unsatisfactory sewerage situation at Kilnamanagh, Dundrum, Management would update the members on any developments within Irish Water towards having the nine houses connected to the main sewerage scheme in the village.”

Management responded: “Houses 1-9, Kilnamanagh Manor, Dundrum, together with a further 4 houses to the rear, are served by a stand-alone wastewater treatment plant, incorporating a pump sump, which was provided by the developer of the houses.

As part of the recent National Taking-in-Charge Initiative (NTICI), promoted by the current Dept. of Housing, Planning, and Local Government, Tipperary Co. Council has had considerable engagement with Irish Water in relation to the feasibility of connecting these 13 houses to the Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) serving Dundrum.

Irish Water “has accepted in principle, that such a connection is feasible. The technical details of the required connection are now being assessed by the Council, in association with Irish Water, with a view to finalising the proposal to ascertain the cost of same. It will be appreciated that the following matters will have to be taken cognisance of: *the length of the connection (about 600 meters) part of which will be a rising main construction

*the route of the connection along and across 3 separate public roads, with consequential road openings.

*Irish Water’s requirement that the existing pump sump be replaced with a new pump sump, designed to its specification and located downstream of the existing infrastructure: it will be necessary for land to be acquired for same

*the provision of a new pump sump will be subject to a prior grant of permission from Tipperary Co. Council as planning authority

*any required wayleaves, and

*the assessment by Irish Water of the flooding risk associated with the proposal.

*Once a detailed proposal has been accepted and costed by Irish Water, the Council may be in a position to progress the connection at the earliest possible opportunity. The Council is committed to resolving this issue by the provision of this long-awaited connection to Dundrum WWTP. The Council will keep the members informed as developments unfold.”

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