Tips for older people in harsh winter weather as Beast from the East approaches

Temperature could hit -10




Weather alert is place

Keep warm, eat well and avoid unnecessary travel

Be Winter Ready is a website with a host of useful information for those who will be affected by the upcoming cold weather. You can visit the site here.

Here are some of the tips for Older People

Keeping well and warm

Keep warm, eat well and avoid unnecessary travel.

You should eat regular hot meals and drink plenty of fluids, this will keep you warm and will give you energy to keep active

Ensure you have sufficient supplies of food and of any prescription medicine you may need. Keep active indoors

Have sufficient fuel supplies to maintain adequate heating in your home

Ask your relatives and neighbours for help if you need it. Keep their phone numbers on a list beside your phone
Personal safety - staying safe

In icy weather, wear well-fitted shoes with non-slip soles if you have to go out but try to limit walking outside during the cold weather

Consider wearing a personal alarm so that family or neighbours are alerted if you fall

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