20 films to watch now that you're snowed in

The Nationalist Reporter


The Nationalist Reporter

20 films to watch now that you're snowed in

Stay on the couch and watch a movie...

So now the Beast from the East and Storm Emma have arrived. The snow is piling up, but hopefully you are inside with the fire lit and a warm cup of tea.

We have selected 20 fantastic films worth a watch as you wait for the inclement weather to pass. Carefully selected by a two-man judging panel, here they are:

20. The Grey

The Grey

19. Cool Runnings

Cool Runnings

18. March Of The Penguins

17. 30 Days of Night

16. Troll Hunter

15. Ice Age

14. The Ice Storm

13. Alive

12. The Spy Who Loved Me

11. Fargo

10. Jeremiah Johnson

9. Frozen

8. The Eiger Sanction

7. Little Miss Sunshine

6. The Empire Strikes Back

5. The Revenant

4. Cliffhanger

3. The Shining

2. Gremlins

1. Doctor Zhivago