Tipperary Rose - You could represent your county in Tralee!

Final chance to enter!

Tipperary Rose - You could represent your county in Tralee!

Sheila Ryan - current Tipperary Rose

 Tipperary Rose of Tralee 2017 Sheila Ryan is calling on Tipperary ladies to enter this year’s Rose of Tralee!

The search is on to find this year’s Premier County representative for the Rose of Tralee International Festival but time is running out and there are only days left to fill out your entry form!

Sheila remembers fondly the last year as the reigning Tipperary Rose, especially the little nudge of encouragement she was given which resulted in one of the best years of her life. Don’t look back in years  to come and regret not going for it , Sheila says!

THIS IS the LAST CHANCE to enter! Fill a form on www.roseoftralee.ie/apply , email tipperaryrose@gmail.com or find “tipprosecentre” on social media.

Tipperary people can nominate a daughter, sister, cousin friend or colleague or even themselves as a rose in this year’s Rose of Tralee.

Dr Jennifer Byrne, the first ever Offaly Rose to take the title, said: “All I can say to any young woman is to ‘go for it and apply!’ The Rose of Tralee international Festival has truly been the most incredible experience of my life and I hope to encourage as many young women as possible to take part and become their local Rose. I guarantee them they will make incredible friends and have an amazing experience.."

All County Roses who travel to Tralee will take part in all the parades, Rose Ball, public engagements and a qualifying event from which 32 Roses will be chosen to appear in the live selection broadcasts.

The Tipperary rose selection night will take place on Saturday, March 31, at 8pm, and the closing date for entries is this weekend.