Enterprising Clonmel students set to become businessmen of the future

Enterprising Clonmel students set to become businessmen of the future

Oisin Dillon-O'Rourke, Jack Egan and David Kennedy with their new enterprises.


Ireland's future is in safe hands, if the youth of today are anything like three young students from the CBS High School in Clonmel. 

Jack Egan, David Kennedy and Oisin Dillon O'Rourke showed real entrepreneurial spirit when they launched two new products in the toy store World of Wonder at The Poppyfields.  

Their entrepreneurial journey started last September when they put their thinking caps on to try and come up with an idea that would not only win them a coveted place at the Student Enterprise County Finals but also make them loads of money.

The three First Year entrepreneurs are highly motivated individuals who took risks to achieve their goals. They each have a strong desire for achievement and by working as a team they are well on the road to success.

Jack identified a gap in the educational sector, as the new Junior Cycle is being gradually rolled out to all schools across the country.  Students have to take responsibility for their own learning and they need to engage actively in the learning process.  

To encourage young people to do this he has designed and produced educational jigsaws for all subjects that stimulate the learning process, while ensuring that learning can also be fun. 

David and Oisin turned a hobby into a thriving business by producing a unique and hilarious board game 'Next Question' that requires a high level of concentration.  It was played recently on Tipp FM and as a result the students are extremely busy filling orders, as their game is in huge demand.

Their success to date is what real entrepreneurial spirit is all about. The three students perceived what others had not seen and acted upon their perceptions. 

They each created new, innovative products by devoting time and effort and are now reaping both monetary and personal rewards. 

The jigsaws and the board game are now for sale in World of Wonder, the Photo Centre, O’Connell Street, Clonmel or directly from the High School.