Tipp councillors keep noses out of Strabane St.Patrick's Day Tricolour ban

Eamon Lacey


Eamon Lacey



Tipp councillors keep noses out of Strabane St.Patrick's Day Tricolour ban

                            Tipperary County Council have decided to keep their noses out of the business of Strabane Council who have decided to ban  the  Tricolour from their St.Patrick’s Day Parade.

At the end of a long meeting held in Nenagh on Monday there were only fourteen members left in the chamber  when a motion calling for Tipperary County Council to voice their opposition  to Strabane Council on their decision to ban the Tricolour from their St.Patrick’s Day.

The remaining members voted by  nine votes to four  not to write to Strabane Council to express opposition to the decision.

Sinn Fein Councillors David Dunne and Catherine Carey and Independent councillors Pat English and Richie Molloy voted for the motion while  councillors Michael Fitzgerald, Mary Hanna Hourigan,Siobhan Ambrose, Seamus Hannafin, Michael Anglim,Roger Kennedy,Martin Lonergan,Fiona Bonfield  and Louise McLoughlin.

Leading the opposition to the motion Cllr.Michael Fitzgerald said nobody had greater respect for the Irish flag than him.

“I don’t see why we as a council should be telling Strabane council what to do.We  would not  expect them to tell us what to do.It is their parade.” said Cllr.Fitzgerald.

Cllr.Mary Hanna Hourigan said it was not the business of Tipperary County Council  to tell a committee in Strabane what to do.

Cllr.Pat English said most of the St.Patrick’s Day parades “up there” respected both traditions.

The motion was proposed and seconded by Cllr.David Dunne and Cllr.Catherine Carey said being Irish was celebrated all over the world on that day and  “some don’t want the flag to be flown”.To eliminate the Irish flag for a St.Patrick’s Day parade in Strabane was “absurd” she said.