Breaking: Gardai in Thurles lashed again for ticketing hurling followers last night

Noel Dundon


Noel Dundon



Gardai are being criticised heavily for targeting match goers in Thurles with parking tickets.

Scores of Tipperary and Limerick fans will be receiving unwanted mail in their postboxes in two weeks time following another ticketing spree in Thurles.

Social  media was on fire last night with criticism of Gardai in Thurles who once again targeted hurling followers attending the Allianz National Hurling League semi-final between Tipperary and Limerick, by issuing fines for parking.

This is the second game in succession that Gardai have taken action against motorists who have been parking in these locations for many years. And, there has been absolutely no warning whatsoever, no signage, no bollards or no members of the force alerting people to the fact that tickets will be issued if they park at these locations. Instead, a motorcycle member of the Gardai  is waiting until the roadsides are lined with cars and then taking action, thereby bolstering the coffers quite significantly in what has been described on social media as ' a mean spirited act'.

Indeed, there were many comments on social media about the actions of the Gardai who have been heavily criticised. Most of the parked vehicles, although with two wheels on the footpath, are not blocking the path or the roadway, but are still being targeted. And, most of those who have been ticketed want to know what has changed and why this action is now being taken after many years of inaction.

"It's scandalous carry-on. When there was trouble in around Semple Stadium with people parking across gateways and blocking up the roads by parking on both sides, there wasn't a uniform to be seen. Now they are putting tickets on cars who are causing no obstruction. The way things are going, they will drive people away from attending games in Thurles," one commentator wrote.

While there were car parks open on the approach roads last night, there were none open on the first afternoon of the ticketing spree and patrons were advised by officials to park on the side of the road, only then to receive the tickets, an action which incensed many.