Top marks for the Abbey School, Tipperary town - Whole School Evaluation (WSE)

WSE finds 'innovative approaches to teaching & learning'

Eoin Kelleher


Eoin Kelleher


Top marks for the Abbey School, Tipperary town - Whole School Evaluation (WSE)

The Abbey School in Tipperary town has an 'extremely positive learning atmosphere' according to a new report.

The Dept. of Education published its Whole School Evaluation (WSE) of the Abbey School on March 23, following an inspection on September 20, 2017.

A WSE examines all aspects of a school's teaching and management, and are carried out on all schools across the state to ensure compliance with standards.

The Abbey School is an all-boys post-primary school, which operates under the Edmund Rice School Trust (ERST). School history spans 700 years. The building dates to 1955, but was extended in 1979 and in 2003.

Further development is pending. Current enrolment is 418. In addition to the Junior Cycle programme and the established Leaving Certificate programme, students have the option of participating in a Transition Year programme (TY), Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme (LCVP) and Leaving Certificate Applied programme (LCA). A significant percentage of the teachers are past pupils.

The key findings of the report are: “Senior management strategically manages curriculum planning, constantly reviewing provision in the best interest of the students. As a result of good support for teachers’ continuing professional development (CPD), there is positive incorporation, at individual classroom level, of innovative approaches to teaching and learning.

“In addition to the very good support and guidance provided by all staff to all students, a student support team is proving valuable in meeting the needs of students identified as requiring specific supports and interventions.

“Senior management, with the support and assistance of the board of management, very effectively manages the school, teaching staff and students; leadership of teaching and learning is an area for development. An extremely positive learning atmosphere pertains throughout the school, and in the majority of lessons, the quality of teaching ranged from very good to good; the further development of formative assessment would be beneficial. The school has engaged with school self-evaluation (SSE), with work being undertaken in the areas of literacy and numeracy, but there is scope for development in implementing SSE processes.”

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