Ardfinnan Playground - Site Secured

Ardfinnan Playground - Site Secured

We are moving our project of bringing a playground to Ardfinnan village along, it is a slow process but we are getting there. We are now at a stage able to pay for our site, the old creamery in the middle of the village, and we will be applying for planning permission to Tipperary County Council in the next three weeks.

Please God we will get through the planning process without too much delay. With planning permission granted that opens doors to grant money from different bodies to help us pay for the actual playground. Those grants will be used along with our calf to beef scheme.

A big thank you to our 31 local farmers who are supporting this. It will break the back of the costs involved in paying for the loan we are going to have to take out with Clan Credo. Now with any loan you take out with any bank there is always interest on that loan and we all know you have got to keep that under control.

So with that purpose in mind we have gone about setting up a closed lottery for 18 months for 110 people. We have 95 people already agreed to do it. The lottery is closed and tickets will not be on sale publicly for the simple reason we do not want to hurt any lotto already running locally. 110 people at €2 a week = €220 a week and that will be our jackpot every week, never goes up or down. You will pick four numbers between 1 and 42 and stick to those four numbers.

No one will be going mad if they win our lotto but it is more for the cause that people are kindly agreeing to take part in it! If you would like to take part in the lottery with the remaining places please contact us on 0860251277. Thank you everyone for your continued support.