Breaking: Gardai move to allay fears after toddler incident

Noel Dundon


Noel Dundon


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Supt Pat Murphy has encouraged people to make contact if they witness suspicious behaviour.

Please be alert and keep children safe at all times, Garda Chief pleads.

Gardai in Thurles have moved to ally the fears of the general public following an incident at a local supermarket in which a middle aged male interacted with a toddler thereby leading to much concern.
The incident, which occurred last week, resulted in much outcry in The Cathedral Town and a huge volume of commentary on social media. Indeed, there was much talk of the incident locally too and Gardai had received many communications at Thurles Garda Station from people expressing concern and seeking information on the safety of children in the locality - legitimate concerns considering the nature of much of the commentary and discussions locally.
However, the incident has been played down by the authorities who investigated the matter after it was reported to them by the mother of the toddler, who was in the well known store with a younger child in a buggy also. And, Gardai are satisfied with their investigations at this point in time. The mother had been out shopping and had spent some time in the store before the incident of concern occurred. She contacted Gardai immediately after it had happened.
“The parent in this incident did exactly the right thing in reporting this matter to us and we investigated thereafter,” Superintendent Pat Murphy told The Tipperary Star this week.
“We would encourage any parent or guardian who may be out and about with their children, in whatever setting, to be on the watchout and be alert at all times and to protect their children,” Supt Murphy said.
He added, “We would also encourage people to contact us if they are have concerns or suspicions in any way. We will take up the matter from there, as we have always done, and carry out whatever investigations are deemed necessary by us at the time. People should just pick up the phone and talk to us and not be afraid to do so. We are available at all times if there are any concerns out there and we would be delighted with the co-operation of people in order to help keep all our people safe,” said Supt. Murphy who moved to allay the fears of the general public in relation to this incident by stating that they are happy with their inquiries.