Alert Sinead saves Tipperary Post Office customers from scam

Eamon Lacey


Eamon Lacey


Alert Sinead saves Tipperary Post Office customers from scam

Sinead Quinn who was honoured this week by Western Union for saving two Post Office customers from a scam

A Tipperary Town post office clerk whose dilligence at the counter prevented two cases of fraud  this year has appealed to the elderly to be on alert for cold calls from scam artists  persuading them to transfer money.

Two people were saved from the loss of significant sums of money by the actions of Sinead Quinn who became suspicious when   customers attempted to make  transfers through Western Union since the start of the year.

Sinead, a member of the Post Office staff in Tipperary town for seventeen years, prevented the transactions from taking place  and both customers avoided falling victims to fraud .

The Shronell woman was presented with an Eagle Eye Award by Western Union for her actions  last Friday at Tipperary Post Office.

 And she availed of the occasion to call on people to be on the alert for people ringing them and using every trick to convince them to transfer money from their account to another account through Western Union.

"These fraudsters are very good at what they do. When they succeed  the person at the loss of money is very upset and people can feel very foolish " said Sinead.

Sinead said on two occasions this year she became suspicious when two customers came in  to carry out separate transactions, one a pensioner and another younger person.

"They were adamant about what they wanted to do, they wanted to transfer money but eventually they were talked  out of it at the counter" said Sinead.

She said she took great satisfaction from stopping the scams as she was  aware of the hardship, distress and anger caused to people when they do lose money to fraudsters.

Western Union European Fraud Risk Manager,  Polawska, paid tribute to Sinead and other Post Office staff throughout the country who  prevent fraud.

"We rely on people like Sinead to be on the alert. Sinead and her colleagues are the people who can help us try and stamp out the fraud. Vulnerable people are falling victims to fraud and we have to work to protect people" said Ms Polawska.

She said that in a period of twelve months in Ireland there would be thousands of cases of fraud. The fraud  would be initiated by a phone call  by very persuasive people and they would persist in convincing vulnerable people to transfer money from their accounts at the Post Office through Western Union.

"Once the money is transferred,there is no way back. The person is at the loss of the money" said Pat Cremins, Post Office regional retail operational manager.

Western Union make up to about five Eagle Eye awards a year  and Sinead was the first person in the Tipperary Post Office to receive the award.

Margaret McEvoy, Manager of Tipperary Post Office said - "We are watching out for people, it is part of our charter  and we are all very proud of Sinead "