Resist National Procurement Framework, more taxis needed for Thurles - Hogan

Eoin Kelleher


Eoin Kelleher


More Taxis needed in Thurles - challenge needed against National Procurement Framework, says Cllr John Hogan

Cllr John Hogan called for Thurles-Templemore Municipal District to fight harder against the National Procurement Framework (NPF) which prioritises lower-cost national contractors over local contractors.

“If the same product can be sourced locally, or cheaper, then we should be allowed to buy them,” said Cllr Hogan. “We are supporting very very large companies that could supply the whole country. But we need to change that and fight for the rural economy.”

Cllr Hogan had heard of a Co. Kerry contract being given to a Dublin firm, who then subcontracted it back to local firms in Kerry. Another example was that of a local oil supplier during the snowy weather, who did not win the contract, but stood in because he didn’t want to let the local school or hospital down. “It’s far more than about pennies. It’s about people who are part of the fabrick and who won’t let you down,” said Cllr Hogan.

Lack of Taxis

Cllr David Doran said there are some people not coming into Thurles on nights out, because they can’t get taxis back. “There’s a lack of Taxis in Thurles. Some people are avoiding coming into Thurles because they cannot get Taxis at peak times.” More Taxis would also help address some anti-social behaviour issues, added Cllr Doran.

Public Roads

The following estate roads are proposed to be declared as public roads: Cluain Glas, Templemore, Road, Thurles; The Paddocks, Stradavoher, Thurles; Cluain Ard, Parkmore, New Line, Roscrea; Glencarrick (part of) Scart, Roscrea.

Road Works

Cllr Jim Ryan said speeding signs have gone missing from Ballysloe village, and have not been replaced.

The road surface outside the Anner Hotel in Thurles at the Mill Road roundabout is an “absolute disgrace” and “beggars belief”. “It’s a TII (Transport Infrastructure Ireland) and not a Council roundabout,” said Cllr Ryan.

A lot of roads in Thurles, such as the one at Cathedral Street are sinking. Some kind of survey needs to be done to ascertain the state of the roads.

District Engineer Mr John Jones told Cllr Ryan that he had made representations regarding the Anner hotel road. “We’re still waiting for a response, and will follow it up.”

Cllr David Doran said there could have been better consultation regarding the roadworks on the Slievenamon Road. He found it hard to “get through to the engineer”. When the Liberty Square works start, “if we do not have the public behind us, we are bet from the start.”

Mr Jones said they are aware of problems regarding the Slievenamon Road. “There will always be issues regarding large road works.”

Speeding at Rahealty

The cost of providing a new car park at the Graveyard at St Patrick’s Cemetery is “exorbitant” said Cllr Doran. “People feel it’s way beyond what’s expected for a private car park.” More patching units are also needed to repair roads, said Cllr Doran.

There is only one patching unit for the Roscrea area, meaning “we are on a hiding to nothing trying to fix roads.” An area at Rahealty School is “highly dangerous,” said Cllr Doran. “They don’t ask for much.” Speed signs there are only like “ornaments” added Cllr Doran.

“Flashing signs are needed. I cannot stress that enough. There will be an accident there.” District Engineer Mr John Jones said that if they do get a budget in the near future, “we will look at it.”