Saint Cronan of Roscrea, Co. Tipperary - 9th Annual Pilgrim/Friendship Walk, 2018

Annual walk in Mt St Joseph Abbey, home of Roscrea’s Cistercian Order

Tipperary Star reporter


Tipperary Star reporter

Saint Cronan of Roscrea, Co. Tipperary - 9th Annual Pilgrim/Friendship Walk, 2018

L/R: Canon Jane Galbraith, Shannon de Laureal, Mai Clare, Mary Heffernan, Fr. Pat Deely, Fr. Tom Corbett. Picture by PJ Wright.

This year the walk took place with kind permission on the monastic grounds of Mount St. Joseph Abbey, home of Roscrea’s Cistercian Order since 1878.

A large crowd gathered at the front gates of Mount St. Joseph Abbey to commence the annual walk, in honour of St. Cronan of Roscrea whose feast day is on the 28th April.

Fr. Laurence Walsh ocso (a native of Roscrea) welcomed everyone to the monastery and along with local clergy led the walk through the beautiful monastic landscape.

There were a few short stops along the route where prayers and reflections, written and compiled by Adrian Hewson were read and pilgrims got the opportunity to reflect on the legacy of St. Cronan and admire the beautiful surroundings of Mount St Joseph where 21st century monks still continue to pass on the faith today.

Special features of the walk include the blessing of the commemorative bookmark with reflections written by Adrian Hewson and the annual exchange of images from the Book of Dimma (6th century manuscript written in St. Cronan’s monastery, Roscrea, now in safe keeping in Trinity College, Dublin) between the three Christian denominations symbolising their common faith and collaborative work for the good of the local and broader community. The walk concluded with Fr. Laurence giving a very impressive guided tour of the monastery.

In keeping with the warm hospitality afforded to pilgrims by St. Cronan in the 6th century, all present were then invited to tea and light refreshments served in the monastery Guest House and afforded time to relax, chat and savour the wonderful afternoon at Mount St. Joseph Abbey.

The organising committee of the walk included Adrian Hewson, Doug de Laureal, Margaret Ryan, and Joan Murray would like to thank everyone who supported and made possible this walk in honour of St. Cronan of Roscrea. They include: The Community of Mount St. Joseph Abbey, especially Dom Malachy Thompson and Fr. Laurence Walsh, the local Clergy who led the walk: Canon Jane Galbraith, Rev, Shannon de Laureal, Sr. Margaret Dobbin, Sr. Hilda, Rev. Tom Kingston, Rev. Adrian Hewson, Fr. Tom Corbett and Fr. Pat Deeley; Stewards for the walk: Francis de Lewis, Joe Ryan and Eddie Murray; Andrew and Mary Walsh who provided a complimentary bus to bring pilgrims to and from the monastery for the walk and all the people who assisted with the Tea and light refreshments especially Katie Ryan and Laura Murphy. Also a huge thank you to all who joined us for the 9th St. Cronan’s Day Friendship walk making it a wonderful, memorable occasion for all.