Early tallies in Tipperary show 60 percent 'YES' vote






Referendum 2018

Early tallies in Tipperary show 60 percent 'YES' vote

Early tallies are showing a 60 percent 'YES' vote in Tipperary according to figures released this morning. 

A total of eight percent of boxes were tallied by 10.30am showing that 'YES' votes have received 2,141 (60.5 percent) while 'No' stands at 1,395 (39.5 percent).

Counting began just after 9am this morning in the Presentation Secondary School Thurles, the county centre for the constituency, with a result expected sometime mid-afternoon. 

Speaking at the count centre this morning Cashel councillor Martin Browne said that if Ireland votes Yes in the abortion referendum, it will be a "momentous day in the country's history".

"The yes side will be very happy this morning, especially with the exit polls, even though nothing is confirmed yet. We were on the yes campaign ourselves and we are happy with that. We are giving women authority over their own bodies and that has to be a good thing. If nothing else it gives women a choice," the Sinn Fein cllr told The Nationalist this morning.

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