UPDATE: 'YES' side remain ahead with 58.4 percent in Tipperary






Referendum 2018

Referendum 2018

Tallies are showing that voting in Tipperary now stands at  58.4 percent in favour of repealing the Eighth Amendment with the no side coming in at 41.6 percent of the vote. A total of 40 percent of boxes have now been opened. 

Reports that voting in Thurles was pretty evenly divided with very little between either side.

Boxes from Ardmayle and Killcommon were reportedly one of the few locations to vote ‘NO.’

A strong ‘YES’ vote was clearly evident in Nenagh with an average 60 percent of tallies in Nenagh voting to repeal the Eighth Amendment.

A total of eight percent of boxes were tallied by 10.30am showing that the ‘YES’ side had received 2,141 (60.5 percent) with 'No' at 1,395 (39.5 percent).

Figures remained consistent throughout the morning with 15.6 percent of the boxes tallied showing a Yes vote at 59.2 percent with No at 40.8 percent.